12 saint Georges street Yeoville, Johannesburg, South Africa

About us

BETTER LIFE MINISTRIES INC began in December of 2005 when Apostle C Adimoha finished long period fasting, he received a message, go and teach people a better life and he determined that the Lord was calling him to start a new work in Johannesburg, the church started as a new fellowship with about 8 member. Approximately one month later the church became a group with a reputation for healing, deliverance and teaching systematically through the Holy Bible. From those little beginnings, BETTER LIFE MINISTRIES was eventually forced to CONVERT A HOUSE into an Auditorium that could hold the people that trooped into the ministries, as revival started to hear God’s Word. As we fellowshipped, and teach God’s word, healing and deliverances was released by the Lord. As a church, we are currently on our plan to settle dawn with a new approved building by the city, since the city council has issued us a stop notice from our previous fellowship center.

Reasons, it was approved as residential, no parking, our new plan has parking underground and the church on top. Everyone is welcome to support and be part of what God is doing here, as your labor in his vineyard shall never be forgotten