12 saint Georges street Yeoville, Johannesburg, South Africa

Security / Marriage ministry


SECURITY is one of our most priorities that no one wants to think much about. Keeping our children and members safe is something we take very seriously; we have cctv cameras all around the church and our active security officers in constant watch.

That’s why we developed our Domino Army. Domino Army is made up of Ushers, Build to building caretaker, and Security officers. We are keeping a watchful eye on everyone, but one of our Domino Army is always monitoring several cameras positioned around our parking space outside the church and entrances. And Domino Army is always equipped with two-way radios so they can stay in touch while the service is on.


Our marriage Support ministry is called BROKEN HOPE and meets every Thursday Morning by 10am till 2pm in our church office. Apostle leads this group and Minister God’s power to set people free from life-altering behaviors and unwanted characters, with counsel. Contact our office for more information or if you need a ride.